Gee what a shock - "conservative" Senate Dems cave on health care

via the Corner’s tweet tracker…. Any talk of some Senate (alleged) conservative Dems is — well it’s nothing but talk as usual. The middle two paragraphs are the interesting part. It looks like the Reid/Obama approach is to say “What’s your price?” and then meet it.

Moderate Democrats Fall in Line
“Moderate Senate Democrats face increasing pressure to support a health care bill that includes a public insurance option, and many appear prepared to fall in line with Democratic leaders — provided they are presented with a bill that can withstand public scrutiny in their home states,” Roll Call reports.

To seal their endorsement, Democratic leaders “are working to wrap the controversial elements of reform in a politically attractive message to the centrists’ conservative-leaning constituents. That could include the addition of provisions aimed directly at problems or issues in each Senator’s state, such as tweaks to state funding formulas for federal programs.”

The Los Angeles Times has a similar report noting the Obama White House “has launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to get divided Senate Democrats to take up some version” of the public option “for a final vote in the coming weeks.”

“It also marks a crucial test of Obama’s command of the inside game in Washington in which deals are struck behind closed doors and wavering lawmakers are cajoled and pressured into supporting major legislation.”