Here's what we get for nearly a billion in "humanitarian" aid to these animals

As everyone knows, President Obama would like to help any country in the world … apparently under the condition that it hates the US as much as he does. Included in this is $900,000,000 of money borrowed from China that earlier this year he proposed sending to the Palestinians, mostly in the Gaza Strip. This would be the same people who managed to kidnap an Israeli soldier over three years ago as you may recall. The latest in this hostage saga is that Israel will release 20 female Palestinian prisoners in exchange for — you’re not going to believe this — a video that will purportedly prove that these scumbags haven’t murdered Shalit (yet).

Yes indeed Mr President. You have a great grasp of the situation over there. There would be peace in the middle east if Israel wasn’t such a bunch of monsters. Nice job.

I literally felt sick to my stomach when I read this story.