UN solution to swine flu: Rich nations hand over $1.5 billion to WHO [corrected]

Maybe when Obama becomes UN God for a day later this month, he can announce that we’ll pay our fair share of this debacle… [My apologies. I must have been half asleep and for some reason saw 900m below and thought 900b. Arghhh…]

The swine flu pandemic could kill millions and cause anarchy in the world’s poorest nations unless £900m can be raised from rich countries to pay for vaccines and antiviral medicines, says a UN report leaked to the Observer.

The disclosure will provoke concerns that health officials will not be able to stem the growth of the worldwide H1N1 pandemic in developing countries. If the virus takes hold in the poorest nations, millions could die and the economies of fragile countries could be destroyed.

Health ministers around the globe were sent the warning on Thursday in a report on the costs of averting a humanitarian disaster in the next few months. It comes as officials inside the World Health Organisation, the UN’s public health body, said they feared they would not be able to raise half that amount because of the global downturn.

The WHO manages to squeak by with a budget of barely over $4 billion. Surely increasing it by a mere 375% seems fair, doesn’t it? [OOPS I lost track of my zeroes. Make that 37.5%]

I’m not denying that this couldn’t be a worldwide disaster, but damn it OUR economy is pretty freaking fragile right now. We sure as hell don’t need to be borrowing money we can’t afford to turn over to some UN subsidiary, as the UN has proven to be a completely corrupt, anti-American, anti-Semitic bunch of leeches.

And by the way, the people running our country are trying to destroy the same drug companies they are counting on to save millions of lives. These same Democrat hypocrites fully back the army of trial lawyers who are waiting to pounce on any screw-ups as H1N1 drugs are delivered. Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture?