Armed invasion w/o imminent threat; no WMD found

I’m not talking about the US vs Iraq, but the FBI vs some NYC houses.

What is one to think when there is intelligence saying there’s a dangerous buildup of weapons, so you invade and don’t find what you were looking for? Hmmm…. The FBI falls under DOJ, so I’m sure the Democrats will be demanding that Holder resign or be fired for lying about the facts behind these raids. Faulty intelligence in these sorts of things equates to lying, just like it did during the Bush regime, right?

“Full body armor, bulletproof vests … two of them (feds) are holding machine guns,” witness George Pollakis said.

“This is an ongoing investigation that is being treated very, very seriously by the highest levels of the government,” Rep. Peter King said.

Congressman King was one of several senior lawmakers in Washington D.C. in a classified briefing with the FBI on Monday night, following an early morning raid on four apartment homes in Flushing.

“It’s not usual to move for a warrant that quickly unless you see a very real potential danger,” King said.

A swarm of FBI agents and NYPD detectives, part of the joint terrorist task force, carted away bags and boxes of material.

A federal search warrant mentioning bomb-making components such as powder, gel, TNT, and nitroglycerin were among the items to be seized.

“What occurred over the past several days, as far as the people who met, what they were doing and evidence that was collected is what caused the Joint Terrorism Task Force to move as quickly as they did,” King said.

King would not say what they actually discovered, but sources told CBS 2 HD no explosives were found.

“They looking for some powder … some different things to make bombs,” neighborhood resident Assad Niazi said.

In all, authorities said Monday night there were no arrests, and that they have not detected a specific plot or target.

“I would characterize this raid as preventative. There was no imminent action that they attempted to stop,” King said.

Let’s see… There was no specific plot or target. There was no imminent action that had to be stopped. They were looking for explosives but apparently didn’t find any. What the heck? Isn’t this a small-scale version of what the left called BushLied? Why shouldn’t we be cynical enough to think this was a convenient “wag the dag” situation to distract from the fact that Obama’s presidential plans have hit a huge roadblock? If there’s not a good “rally round the President” moment, let’s try to invent one. Why not? Do you think that’s beyond the realm of possibility?

BTW why do we even have a Joint Terrorism Task Force if Obama has declared there is no such thing as terrorism, notwithstanding those on the left who call people at town hall meetings and tea parties “domestic terrorists”?