The compassionate UK strikes again - are we headed in that direction?

This Sun article more or less says that the British system, where 1) jail times are lenient to begin with, 2) often reduced by an appeals court and 3) reduced automatically after that, is a revolving door for convicted terrorists. Given that the direction under Obama that will make it harder and harder to put detainees away forever, is this the sort of future we can expect?

Forty convicted Islamic terrorists are back on the streets after being released from jail, a Sun investigation has revealed.

And another 50 plotters, including al-Qaeda trained Sohail Qureshi, will be free soon.

Security experts said Britain’s justice system was lax compared to the US, where jailed terrorists often never get out.

East London dental assistant Qureshi – seized while trying to travel to Afghanistan to attack British troops – is one of 25 Islamic fanatics due to be freed within 12 months.

A further 25 will be out within three years. And 40 more are already free men, The Sun can reveal.

A detailed example for one terrorist is given. He was sentenced to 15 years, it was reduced to 10 on appeal, and then he will automatically be released after serving 2/3 of that. So less than 7 years of actual jail time for this guy:

Hulking thug Andrew Rowe – believed to be a key player in al-Qaeda’s European operations – is among those scheduled for freedom.

Rowe, a 38-year-old Muslim convert, was caught returning to Britain through the Channel Tunnel with instructions on firing mortars and secret codes for terror attacks.