VERY important comments from Pelosi and Reid today

This is just under 8 minutes long, so if embedding it is a no-no and I can kill it and use this link instead.

Pelosi seemed a bit befuddled at times and she was throwing out whoppers faster than Reid could. Some highlights and comments in chronological order.

  • Pelosi: Members are bringing back the benefits of communication they had with their constituents in August. (Riiiight.)
  • Pelosi: “This will be done in a fiscally sound way…. Health care reform is entitlement reform. So in order for us to reduce the deficit it’s essential that we have real health care reform.” (So to reduce we deficit we must increase it by a trillion or so dollars?)
  • Reid: 80% of health care was done before the August recess. (I guess he’s never heard of the 80/20 rule.) And after merely chatting a bit today, he says it’s up to 90% agreed on. (Well then hell, just knock out the other 10% tomorrow. No problem.)
  • Reid: After Obama’s speech, people will put aside the “ridiculous falsehoods that have been perpetrated over these past few weeks.” (Is Obama going to say all those town hall folks were unamerican lying troublemakers?)
  • Reid: This is still a bipartisan effort and they “have a place at the table for the Republicans.” (Now if they would just sit there in silence and agree to what we demand…)
  • Reid: “We do not want to do reconciliation unless we have no alternative.” (Of course there’s an alternative – use the normal rules of the Senate. He wants filibusters to apply to Bush judicial nominees but not to trillion dollar spending bills?)
  • Reid: There’s no question that a majority of the Senate wants a public option and they will do their best to have “a public option or something like a public option” included. (IOW it’s a public option no matter what they call it.)
  • Then someone asks why no Republicans were invited today. It gets funny here because Reid and Pelosi are completely befuddled. They have no idea what the question is about and at one point Pelosi can’t recall Reid’s title.
  • Reid: We’ve had a “large table” on the Finance Committee and the HELP Committee. (Oh please. Enzi is the ranking member of the HELP Committee and he’s been completely shut out there. The only involvement is Baucus’s Finance Committee because he ignored your instructions to shut the GOP out.)
  • Pelosi: It’s been a bipartisan effort in the House because she “saw to it that” there were “strong numbers of Republicans” on the three committees that approved bills, so they’ve “had a place at the table.” (Does she ever get drug tested?)
  • Pelosi: Public option is “essential” to passing a bill in the House. (She doesn’t have to fudge and say a public option called something else.)
  • Pelosi: She agree with Obama that a public option “keeps the insurance companies honest”, increases competition, expands coverage, keeps choices, and saves money. “But if you have a better idea, put it on the table.” (Don’t they ever get tired of these false cliches?)
  • Pelosi: The “overwhelming majority” of House members support a public option. (If this was true, she’d have passed the bill before the recess.)
  • Pelosi gets confused again and twice says that the President’s speech is tonight. She says it will be a “very important factor” in how they go forward. (But she’s already said they would figure how to combine their three bills into one, so what impact can he have? She must be hoping that public opinion changes after the speech. But a pig with lipstick is still a pig, right?)
  • Pelosi: The bill will be worse for the health care industry if it’s based off a trigger than if they shut up and accept a public option up front. (Sounds like the Obama approach: Do what I want or I’ll make it worse for you.)
  • Reid: I haven’t seen a copy of the Baucus draft. (So what? It’s not like he’ll read any of the bills anyway.)

This seems quite telling to me – there’s going to be a public option regardless of what it’s called, and Reid is going to pass it with a simple majority.