Obama's revolving door of strategies in Afghanistan (updated)

For the guy who during the campaign knew exactly what needed to be done everywhere, it seems odd that Obama’s so-called “strategy” for Afghanistan has changed faster than the Democratic definition of “public option”.

March 27 – Obama announces his Afghanistan strategy. (I believe this is the first one.)

April 21 – We’re told before it’s even implemented that the strategy needs to be changed.

July 4 (approx) – Obama implements a new strategy.

August 3 – Is the new strategy already a failure?

August 31 – Gen McChrystal calls for a new strategy.

Call me old fashioned, but does Obama know the difference between a strategic plan and a tactical plan? If you have a “strategy of the month” you don’t have a strategy at all.

Wasn’t he always saying he’d never put troops in harm’s way without “a plan”? It seems we’ve had 8 months of experiments and no semblance of a plan.

UPDATE: RCP shows Baghdad Bob Gibbs defending Obama’s Afghan string of strategies and calling it “the most important part of our war on terror”. OOPS! Didn’t you get that memo? That’s so last quarter!

But perhaps even more interesting to me was his whining about how you can’t undo years and years of neglect in a few months, so don’t blame Obama for any problems in Afghanistan! Gee BBG, do you mean to say you blame Gorelick’s walls and Clinton’s neglect for 9/11 and don’t fault President Bush for “failing to connect the dots”? C’mon Bobby… Tell us!