Still more jobs created by Obama!

Politico reports on the astroturfing blitz planned by the lefties.

Reform supporters are planning to hold more than 500 events between Wednesday and when lawmakers return to Washington Sept. 8, ranging from neighborhood organized phone banks to professionally staffed rallies with hundreds of people.

The Democratic National Committee and its grassroots arm, Organizing for America, are helping to organize the effort along with the Health Care for America Now, a group pushing to create government-run insurance plan.

β€œIn these last few weeks of recess we want to demonstrate the energy, passion and commitment that the American people have to health insurance reform so that when members return after Labor Day they know that they can turn their attention to getting this done because they have the backing of the American people,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

If they pay 500 people to show up at each of 500 rallies, that’s 250,000 jobs created by Obama, not even counting those working the phones and the Internet!

I love the DNC hack’s quote. It should read: “… because they have the backing of the American people people who’ve been hired to say they support it.”