Gaddafi visit upsets New Jersey hypocrites

I may need the asbestos suit for this one, but what the heck planet are these people living on? Some of them are upset that Gaddafi is doing a stayover in New Jersey when he visits the UN next month.

Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes said it would be offensive for Gaddafi even to be allowed a U.S. visa after Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was given a “hero’s welcome” on his return to Libya last week.

So is he saying that Gaddafi was an okay guy before last week? How stupid is that? Besides, President Obama says we need to have “compassion” when it comes to health care for illegal immigrants, so what’s wrong with Scotland showing “compassion” to Megrahi while on his deathbed?

“People are infuriated that a financier of terrorism, who in recent days gave a hero’s welcome to a convicted terrorist, would be welcomed to our shores, let alone reside in our city,” Wildes told Reuters.

Wildes is a Democrat. His guy – President Obama – has said that there is no such thing as a terrorist and that all foreign leaders need to be treated equally. So I suggest Wildes shut up and follow his President’s lead.

“Gaddafi can be assured that he is not welcome here,” New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg said in a statement.

Lautenberg. Democrat. Shut up.

We learn from another article that NJ US Rep Steve Rothman is raging mad over this.

“I don’t want this murderous thug of a dictator, this psychopath, in my district where he might cause some security problems,” Rothman told The Daily Beast this morning, reacting to news that Col. Gaddafi is considering a 25-room mansion in Englewood for use as a temporary residence during his planned visit next month for the United Nations General Assembly. “He has American blood on his hands and has been, for decades, inspiring international terrorism and pursuing weapons of mass destruction. Also, the celebration that just occurred in Libya for the mass-murdering Lockerbie bomber was beyond the pale.”

You may be sensing a pattern here, but Rothman is – you guessed it – a Democrat. Rothman and all you other Democrats in New Jersey, please shut up!