They should just simplify this law in MA

Now Teddy Kennedy is trying for a do-over of what he undid a few years ago.

2004: It looks like John Kerry is going to become President. Mitt Romney would get to appoint his replacement. Oh the horror!! So Kennedy et al lead the charge to get the law changed to get Romney out of the picture, other than calling a special election within five months of the vacancy and leaving it empty in the meantime.

2009: The Dems may need to roll in a comatose Kennedy so he can cast the 60th vote to break a filibuster. Or he may die before then. But he sure doesn’t want that seat to be vacant if that vote is needed, so now that the governor is a Democrat as God intended, Kennedy et al want to revert back to the 2003 version of the law so that Deval Patrick can immediately appoint someone to cast that vote should it be needed.

They should dump all this flip-flopping and change the law one last time.
a) If the Governor is a Democrat, the Governor will appoint a replacement.
b) If the Governor is a Republican, a special election must be held within five months and the seat stays vacant until that time.