Ex-DNC Chairman says Obama deserves to be voted out in 2012?

Given that it seems Obama’s folks are backing off the public option, and given that Howard Dean says that anyone who doesn’t vote for that needs to be primaried from the left (pardon me for verbing a noun), then doesn’t it follow that we have a recent Chairman of the DNC saying that the Democratic President deserves to be tossed out down the road? Sure you can spin it as saying Obama doesn’t actually vote per se, but c’mon – he is the LEADER of the party right? He can say he will veto any bill that doesn’t include a public option (not that we can expect him to keep any promise, but still…).

Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean fired one of the clearest warning shots at hesitant Democratic lawmakers on Thursday, insisting that if the party was unable to produce a health care bill with a public plan, there would be electoral consequences.

“I do think there will be primaries as the result of all this, if the bill doesn’t pass with a public option,” Dean said, in a phone interview with the Huffington Post.