The BIG LIE is underway re abortion coverage under ObamaCare

We are hearing over and over again from Democrats that “the word ‘abortion’ does not appear in the bill” as though that means it is not covered. That is nothing but an attempt to hide the truth!

The word “transplant” does not appear in the House bill either, except related to some drug that kidney transplant patients receive. Does that mean no transplants aren’t covered under that bill? The word “cataract” doesn’t appear either. You get the idea.

Leaving out specifics related to abortion means that it will be up to some administrator to decide whether it’s covered, and we know darn good and well what that means.

All the so-called “compromise” efforts are a complete joke and nothing but a red herring. The Capps Amendment is from a person with a 100% NARAL record (hint hint). What it does is provide an accounting trick that says abortions aren’t paid for with public funds &emdash; they just come from another bucket instead. It’s the same as saying that humanitarian aid to North Korea isn’t paying for their nukes or that humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip isn’t funding more rockets aimed at Israeli civilians.

P.S. The word ‘euthanasia’ doesn’t appear in the bill either….