Obama's "strategy" for Afghanistan - dumbest thing I've ever seen

Just how stupid do they think people – including the Taliban leadership – are?

The WSJ had an article today with General McChrystal saying the Taliban are gaining the upper hand. Anyone in the Pentagon or Washington who finds this a surprise should find another line of work. This quote says it all.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the commander offered a preview of the strategic assessment he is to deliver to Washington later this month, saying the troop shifts are designed to better protect Afghan civilians from rising levels of Taliban violence and intimidation. The coming redeployments are the clearest manifestation to date of Gen. McChrystal’s strategy for Afghanistan, which puts a premium on safeguarding the Afghan population rather than hunting down militants.

So Obama implements a strategy where the #1 priority for our troops in Afghanistan is to never ever under any circumstances dare to accidentally kill anyone who someone might claim is a civilian. And then by some incredible coincidence, the Taliban decides they don’t have to worry about our blowing them away and they start expanding their area of dominance. Who could have possibly seen that coming? Sigh…

So our troops in Afghanistan have basically been turned into sitting ducks, effectively powerless to take any offensive action. We can only hope that the Taliban are too busy laughing to be able to shoot straight, because they have carte blanche to take over the whole country.

We might as well declare victory (after all, we already know the ‘war on terror’ is over) and get our guys the hell out of there instead of sending more of them over to get murdered and kidnapped while being afraid to defend themselves.