FNC's Megyn Kelly pwns AARP goofball

One of the nice things about working at home is that I can catch Megyn Kelly on Fox News in the morning. She does a tremendous job. Today she had on some AARP spokesmouth and grilled him over the debacle in Dallas. Here was his take:
– He wasn’t going to apologize that the moderator got frustrated after 30 minutes of abuse.
– Only a few people in the room were causing all the trouble.
– They got emails from lots of the people there who opposed to the AARP position apologizing for their behavior.
– The same moderator held a successful forum two days later with many of those same people present.

To prove the above points, he offered … well nothing. Not a single email. Not a few moments of the wildly successful follow-up. Not an explanation of how it was only a “few” people but they had email from “a lot” of them and “many” of them went to the next session. Not a single thing.

In any case, for those of you who don’t get to see much of Megyn Kelly, check out the way she absolutely drills the guy in the last minute of the video if you don’t feel like watching the whole five minutes. The guy thought he was going to get in the last word … and he was wrong. She doesn’t take any crap off anyone and is as quick on her feet as anyone on TV. Must be the lawyer in her.