That pesky so-called war on terror

I realize we’re not supposed to use that term any more unless speaking about senior citizens and middle-aged veterans who are asking questions of their Congressional representatives, but I couldn’t help but think about the double standard at play in this article.

U.S. and Pakistani authorities were investigating reports that Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed in an American missile strike, officials from both countries said Thursday. If confirmed, Mehsud’s demise would be a major boost to Pakistani and U.S. efforts to eradicate the Taliban and al-Qaida.

Sounds like pretty good news. Hmmm…. But it seems like whenever a terrorist leader was killed or captured under President Bush – especially like here where it involved a missile strike in Pakistan – wouldn’t we have heard some number of these things instead of it being painted as good news if true?

  • This cowboy mentality of launching strikes in Pakistan is making the people there hate us more and is totally counterproductive.
  • How many women / children / innocent civilians were killed or injured? This is unacceptable – it just causes the people there to hate us more.
  • That person doesn’t really matter because there are plenty of people to take his place. Bush farted around so long with the distraction in Iraq that he let them build many layers of leaders.
  • Why are we still out there doing de facto assassinations instead of bring these people to justice or letting the Pakistanis take care of their own business?
  • Did we torture anyone to get the intelligence about when he would be where?
  • What is our exit strategy?
  • Where’s bin Laden?
  • And so on – you can probably add more.