AARP on ObamaCare

As we know, the “non-partisan” AARP is completely in the bag when it comes to whatever Democrats want, including on ObamaCare. Here are a few samples from a Q&A they have posted.

Why is AARP not standing up for seniors when Obama says he will cut Medicare to help pay for health care?

The proposed changes to Medicare will help to get fraud, waste and abuse out of the system and create payment incentives to reward doctors and hospitals for the quality, rather than the quantity, of care they provide. They will not cut the benefits our members rely on in the traditional Medicare program, but will help to keep it affordable to make sure you get the care you need.

Will there be rationing of health care to seniors based on age?

Absolutely not! That’s a very harmful myth that opponents of reform are spreading to scare seniors. Nothing in the proposed legislation would lead to rationing of care for older Americans or anyone, and if it did, AARP would be leading the fight to kill it.

Will I be losing Medicare as the result of reform?

No. If you like the coverage you have, you can keep it, and that includes Medicare and your medigap coverage. Reform will help curb skyrocketing inflation throughout our health care system, including Medicare, so that Medicare coverage remains affordable for both you and the taxpayers who help foot the bill.

I wonder if they’ve got Ed Asner lined up to call seniors in Blue Dog districts to provide helpful “information” like he did in 2000.