A fresh hardline approach on North Korea from Obama

Could he take any tougher of a stance than this? It looks like he’ll try to teach North Korea a severe lesson by begging them to please stop being so bad if we give them lots and lots of money.

The Obama administration is consulting with allies on a new “comprehensive package” of incentives aimed at persuading North Korea to abandon its nuclear programs, senior U.S. officials confirmed Tuesday.

The officials, who are traveling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Thailand, told reporters that the package is only in its early stages and will not be offered to North Korea unless and until the allies sign off on it. Pyongyang would also have to first take specific, concrete and “irreversible” steps to begin destroying its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The aides said that the administration needs to see concrete action. Mere assurances from North Korea that it will take action in the future would not be enough to trigger the presentation of the incentives package, they said.

Considering how her husband fell for the “agreed framework” nonsense with North Korea 15 years ago, it’s hard to see how Hillary can keep a straight face while saying this kind of nonsense.