Obama is making a muddled mess out of Afghanistan and Pakistan

The news the past few days is really shocking.

  • June 27
    “Holbrooke said this week that the Bush administration’s strategy of eradicating poppy crops in Afghanistan, one of the primary sources of funding for the Taliban insurgency, had failed. Subsistence farmers who lost their livelihood instead filled the ranks of the Taliban, he said.”
  • July 8
    “Hey, guys, don’t pick the poppies…. That’s the order from the Obama Administration to the 4,000 Marines presently engaged in Operation Khanjar or “Strike of the Sword,” an invasion of the Taliban infested Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.”
  • July 21
    “The U.S. military bombed about 300 tons of poppy seeds in a dusty field in southern Afghanistan Tuesday in a dramatic show of force designed to break up the Taliban’s connection to heroin.”

But wait – there’s more. Remember how instead of the reckless “cowboy” “go it alone” strategy that Bush was accused of, Obama promised that he’d get us back in good graces with our allies and through heavy use of “dialogue” we’d accomplish all our goals.

  • oops
    “Pakistan is objecting to expanded American combat operations in neighboring Afghanistan, creating new fissures in the alliance with Washington at a critical juncture when thousands of new American forces are arriving in the region.

    Pakistani officials have told the Obama administration that the Marines fighting the Taliban in southern Afghanistan will force militants across the border into Pakistan, with the potential to further inflame the troubled province of Baluchistan, according to Pakistani intelligence officials.”

The gist of that story is that Pakistan’s priorities are:

  1. Assume that India is prepared to invade at any moment, so keep gazillions of troops along that border.
  2. Fight internally any Taliban group that threatens the power structure in Islamabad.
  3. Ignore anything that’s not either of those two, unless of course you have to put on a show to get more money from Washington.

Nice job there, buddy! We’ll have this war won in no time at the rate things are going! It was all so easy when he was candidate Obama…