Kidnapped soldiers: what we do vs what we tell Israel to do

Interesting contrast here.

Israel gets a soldier captured and held in Gaza. Obama demands that they not overract and do anything that might harm civilians, don’t enact community punishment, etc. In fact, he tells Israel the solution is to give in to all Palestinian demands and then keep their fingers crossed.

But the same thing happens to us in Afghanistan and — well let’s just say we seem to be taking (or at least threatening to take) the approach we demand Israel NOT take.

At least two Afghan villages have been blanketed with leaflets warning that if an American soldier kidnapped by the Taliban two weeks ago isn’t freed, “you will be targeted.”

The papers show on one side an image of a soldier with his head bowed so that his face is not visible. A message in the local Pashtun language over the image says, “If you do not free the American soldier, then…”

On the other side, an image shows Western troops breaking into a house. The rest of the message is printed across the photo: “…you will be targeted”.

According to the military, the translation of the last word in the sentence is “hunted,” not targeted, but CBS News’ independent translators say the word also means “targeted”.