More entries for the Sotomayor handling double standards file

LatinoJustice PRLDEF is dumping 350 pages this week on the Senate Judiciary Committee from Sotomayor’s 12 years of work there. A few things from this article stand out.

Latino Justice PRLDEF sent the Judiciary Committee more than 350 pages of documents from the 12 years Sotomayor spent on its board, opening what could be an ugly new chapter in the debate over confirming the federal appeals court judge as the first Hispanic justice.

It’s considered “ugly” to discuss her past?

A GOP Judiciary aide said the material details PRLDEF’s opposition to failed conservative high court nominee Robert Bork, and its ties to the community-activist group ACORN.

Some ACORN ties would be interesting. Of course it wouldn’t be to the small minority of ACORN people who broke numerous laws, just to the true “community service” parts.

It’s unclear what effect, if any, the disclosures might have on Sotomayor’s nomination, since she is said to have had no direct involvement with the group’s legal activities. The litigation panel she sat on was an outside group that didn’t participate in cases but set broad policy and guidelines.

“She was on the board of directors, she was not a member of the legal staff, so she was not directly involved in the legal arguments that we presented,” [Cesar] Perales [PRLDEF’s president and general counsel] told The Associated Press in an interview. “Her role was to help us raise funds, set policy, hire the person who would run the organization. … We don’t expect to uncover anything particularly interesting.”

Interesting. She was on their board for 12 years and that’s supposed to be meaningless. Meanwhile Dick Cheney was Halliburton chairman for 5 years and was considered personally responsible for everything done at Halliburton and all subsidiaries during and after those five years.

BTW maybe she really didn’t do much – only 30 pages per year worth of documents on her involvement?