Has Graham folded over the detainee photos issue?

The wording in this AP story about Senate hurdles in the supplemental bill sure sounds fishy.

Another possible obstacle was removed Wednesday when Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he would no longer block action on the bill. Graham was upset that the final version removed a ban, backed by Graham and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., on releasing photos depicting U.S. troops abusing detainees.

But he said he had received promises that he would get a vote on his bill banning release of the photos before the issue goes to court next month and had received a pledge from the White House that the photos would be declared classified or otherwise not see the light of day. “Now I think we have a game plan that works,” he said.

So they’re blocking it out of this bill now, and have promised to vote it down separately later. How does that satisfy him? And if Obama planned to block them, why wouldn’t he do that now and get it over with? Graham is trusting that Obama will hold out and see if he loses in court first, and will block the release if that happens. 1) I wouldn’t take Obama’s word on anything, and 2) if he loses in court and then blocks it, he’ll end up losing again in court it seems to me.

I smell multiple rats here.