So do the ObamaGates defense cuts make us safer or not?

Dodd will fight F-22 cut. It just so HAPPENS that its engines are made in CT. Dodd told the machinists’ union there he’ll fight it tooth and nail.

Dodd, along with Connecticut Rep. John Larson, met with union members Thursday to assure them they’d battle Gates over the issue. Dodd has fought before to save the F-22 program, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, and he said Thursday that party distinction doesn’t matter to him at a time when his constituents are worried about keeping food on the table.

“I’d much rather have the secretary on my side, but we’ve beaten him in the past and we’ll beat them this time as well,” Dodd said.

The story has only one sentence where Dodd says the F-22 is critical to national defense; the whole rest of the story is him saying it’s critical to protecting jobs in his state.

Of course a much bigger hit will be a in a red state – Marietta GA will lose many thousands of jobs.