Let the surrender to Iran begin!

The NYT reports that Obama sent a groveling video to Iran. Lovely. I wonder how it will look when the edited version gets to the masses. In any case, Iran’s response is that as long as we’re going to surrender it needs to be unconditional.

Invoking art, history and “the common humanity that binds us,” President Obama offered a “new day” in America’s relationship with Iran, using an unusual videotaped message to appeal directly to Iranians for a shift away from decades of confrontation.

That message seemed far more explicit in the television broadcast , in which the President urged Iran to discuss “in mutual respect” the gamut of issues that has cast Iran and the United States on opposite sides of a gulf splitting the region. They include Iran’s nuclear ambitions, its attitude to Israel and what the United States considers Tehran’s support for terrorism. The message was released early Friday in Iran.

But Iranian officials were more cautious, according to news reports, welcoming the president’s desire to settle disputes with uncharacteristic alacrity, but insisting, as they have in the past, that the United States must first address Iran’s grievances toward Washington.