AIG Bonuses - The Pitiful Republican Response

I had a little fun this weekend starting the ball rolling on how the Democrats would use the normal double standard in whining about the AIG executive bonuses. But to be serious for a change, I’m bitterly disappointed in the reactions of the Republicans. They completely blew a golden opportunity here.

Virtually every Republican echoed the comments of Democrats: “appalling”, “outrageous”, etc. Chuck Grassley even went a bit further. What a bunch of losers! A much better response would have been something like:

  • “What do expect when the Democrats’ goal was to throw money first and ask questions later?”
  • “This is exactly why we wanted to take time through committee hearings and honest, open debate to make sure this cash didn’t come in a gift basket lined with loopholes.”
  • “This is just the beginning. Obama and the Democrats are throwing money down the toilet as fast as they can print it, and there are no controls or oversight in place.”
  • “AIG is just following the lead of the Obama administration: The faster you can get your hands on someone else’s money and spend it, the better. Get ready for more of the same.”