And you thought DL Hughley's CNN show was offensive LAST week?

One segment this week certainly topped it. Even Hughley seemed embarrassed that this Frank Schaeffer guy was a such an over-the-top nutcase at the end.

Video (8 mins long)

I don’t know diddly about Evangelicals, but apparently this guy Schaeffer’s dad Francis was an early leading Evangelical and now his kid does a Ron Reagan and spends his time blogging on HuffPo about how evil the Christian Right is. Here are a few of his comments (paraphrased except where quoted) from Hughley’s show this weekend. First some of the milder stuff, then the juicy ones as he got rolling.

  • Bush was unqualified to be President, and the only reason he got elected was because he believed in Jesus.
  • The only reason McCain chose Palin is because she was a born-again Christian.
  • He supported Obama from the get-go.
  • His dad would have supported the GOP on pro-life issues, but would have been against the gay-bashing, political correctness (from the right), the war in Iraq.
  • The religious right has gone in a “hard-ass neo-Fascist” direction.
  • People like his dad, Dobson, Falwell, Robertson et al “put all this crap in place” that gave us 8 years of a failed presidency among other things.
  • The GOP base consists of religious and neocon ideologues and the “uneducated white underclass” plus a few token blacks who go on TV to obscure the “all-white … rube reality.”
  • Everyone in the GOP leadership is either pandering to religious right or the neocons who believe “every war is a good war.”
  • “…crazy…” “…fruit loops…” They believe anyone who is not a white straight fundamentalist Christian is “the enemy.”
  • The election of Obama is “a miracle.”
  • Republicans truly “hate” Obama.
  • There is this “loud” fringe of 20M people who are the only ones listening to Rush, buying Ann Coulter’s books, giving money to GOP candidates, etc.
  • He compared them to “the drunk on the subway making all the trouble at the end of the car” and “the one ass at the front end of the car who’s molesting women” amid the 100 “decent citizens” on the subway.

Oh and by the way, later in the show DL showed clips and commentary intended to be humorous. He “quipped” that Ann Coulter “puts the ‘C’ in CPAC.”