About that school in South Carolina

Barack and Michelle used that poor little girl from South Carolina as a photo-op prop last night. The story goes that the school was built 150 years and hasn’t been touched since and is falling apart if I follow correctly.

Let’s suppose for a moment that all that is true. If the people in that district do not fix it, and the people in that state do not fix it, then do we want to pump all our school construction and maintenance dollars through Washington and have some bureaucrat there deciding the priority of every project across the nation?

But heck, who knows how much of that story is even true. Here is info about the school from that school district’s own website. It sure doesn’t sound to me like some relic that has been deteriorating and ignored since the Civil War.

Could the school use some help? I’m sure it could. Is Washington the answer to that or is it a local issue? I’d argue the latter.