It gets even crazier in the CA Senate

Now the GOP Senators have dumped their leader in a contentious move.

In a contentious meeting that lasted through the midnight hour, Senate Republicans removed Sen. Dave Cogdill as leader and replaced him with Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, who opposes the budget deal Cogdill negotiated for his caucus because it contains new taxes.

Can somebody help me with the math here?

The Senate’s first vote on a bill to raise various taxes for at least two years remained in limbo with 23 senators voting in favor, 12 against and four not voting. The tax vote took place about 1 a.m. Wednesday, shortly after Senate Republicans ousted Cogdill.

Three Republicans – Ashburn, Cogdill and Cox – and one Democrat, Sen. Lou Correa, abstained. Steinberg (Pres. Pro Tem) said he believed Ashburn, Cogdill and Correa would support the tax bill once legislative leaders secured a final Republican vote, however. Steinberg kept the Senate in lockdown through the night, prohibiting any member from leaving the Capitol in an attempt to squeeze out one more vote.

23 + 12 + 4 = 39
2/3 of 39 = 26
23 + 3 = 26

If the 3 abstainers who in favor had voted for it, wouldn’t it have passed? What am I missing?

Another article says this move could backfire.

What effect Cogdill’s ouster will have on the search for the final budget vote wasn’t immediately clear. But it did not go unnoticed that the two Republicans targeted as the most likely possibilities for casting the decisive vote in favor of the deal — Abel Maldonado of San Luis Obispo and Dave Cox of Fair Oaks — opposed Cogdill’s removal. Hope bubbled among the budget’s supporters afterward that the coup might persuade one of them to come on board.