Calling All Car Czars!

Breitbart notes that Obama has yet to name his “car czar” and that isn’t helping the situation in dealing with all the crazies in the Motor City.

I don’t get it. Based on his cabinet nominations, the main requirements would be:

  • Must be a liberal Democrat
  • Must have spent most of life as a Washington insider
  • Must have written a book that has something to do with cars
  • Having tax skeletons is preferred but not mandatory

C’mon – he can’t find anyone for this job even though we face yet another catastrophe there?

I found another passage in the article interesting.

In network interviews Sunday, White House senior adviser David Axelrod didn’t respond directly when asked if the U.S. economy could withstand a GM bankruptcy. Nor did he directly address a question about whether the Obama administration would let GM go into bankruptcy.

Uh, the only way to prevent GM from going into bankruptcy (if they chose that route) is by nationalizing it right? Now perhaps this would be a great accomplishment for Obama if his goal is to be the next Chavez.

And then of course what would an article be without a little unintentional humor?

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said Thursday that he did not expect the reports Tuesday to provide “very specific information because there’s no car czar. I do think there will be an outline of directions.”

So it appears GM can turn in a sheet of paper that reads, “We are on target to have have a plan in place by March 31st,” and that would suffice to pop another $4,000,000,000 in their direction. SWEET!!