About that "emergency" stimulus bill

We heard over and over how Congress couldn’t delay another moment before passing it because this was the greatest emergency in the history of mankind. There’s no time to read it – just pass it for God’s sake!

So if that’s the case, why wasn’t Obama waiting to sign it as soon as he flew Sherrod Brown back Friday night? I don’t know – you got me on that one. Why delay and exacerbate the catastrophe we’re in?

The answer came earlier in the week in case you missed it.

The White House is considering a prime-time bill signing ceremony, and on Wednesday asked the television networks if they would air the event.

So Obama wants to turn the signing into a photo op while the catastrophe mounts for another 72 hours. Given he doesn’t plan to sign it until Monday night, can anyone explain why the nation was going to crumble unless both Houses signed off last week? Passage was a done deal, so why couldn’t they at least have as much time to consider and debate as Obama is delaying the signing of it? Anyone? Please?