Human Rights Watch shown to be just another shill for far left

It’s not like we didn’t know this already, but now we have an anti-torture / anti-rendition ‘progressive’ coming out and saying it. Dissenting Justice compares how HRW suddenly did an about-face regarding rendition as soon as Obama said he’d continue it. (H/T Mark Hemingway at the Corner.)

Major Flip-Flop by Human Rights Watch: Organization Waiting for Obama to Develop Kinder, Gentler Rendition Program

I can stomach some political flip-flops. Politicians run with the popular opinion for the most part, but sometimes their positions legitimately change in the face of new factual information.

But I think it’s pretty deplorable to flip-flop on the issues of human rights and torture. Unfortunately, in an effort to defend the new administration in Washington, Human Rights Watch has apparently modified its position on the issue of rendition, which it previously viewed as inherently abusive and inhumane.

Then he goes on to quote the HRW “before” and “after” positions. The title of his article sums up perfectly what he puts together in those details.