Daschle - Can somebody clue me in here?

ABC is reporting that HHS nominee Tom Daschle is facing “controversy” over a “mistake” by “forgetting” to declare as income the free use of limousine and driver lent by a “friend” for whom he did paid consulting. He “happened” to notice this just before Obama’s election, and went back and paid over $100K in back taxes and interest (and apparently $0 in penalties, just like would happen with you or me no doubt, as it did with Geithner).

I don’t get it. It’s already been established that if you are Obama nominee, you can be a tax cheat or a lobbyist or whatever else you want without it being a disqualifying condition. So what’s the big deal if Daschle cheated on his taxes? Heck, he cheated 3x as much as Geithner did, so perhaps he’d be an even better choice as Treasury Secretary.