Vintage Specter at the Holder hearing this morning

C-SPAN link (click on the flash logo upper right)

It’s vintage Leahy too. What a –never mind, I don’t want to get banned. Here’s his summary:

  • None of you spectators had better exercise your free speech right in MY session!
  • Now that we have Dems holding all the cards, it’s important that we work together and end partisanship.
  • It’s important that we have a quick confirmation for the Attorney General because it’s such a critical position.

Specter gave a good opening, ending with he and Leahy bickering over Leahy ramming Holder through vs long delays for Bush AG nominees. Then we get to hear Warner and Norton heap praise on Holder before his opening statement where he plays the race card multiple times. Then Leahy lobs softballs that allow Holder to practice all his talking points.

Now here’s the good part… Specter starts on him just after 1:08:00. It’s like watching him dissect Anita Hill all over again. Notice how rapidly Holder’s eyes start blinking when Specter is nailing him over and over. Isn’t that a classic sign of someone who knows he’s gotten caught lying his butt off?