Senator Alstine Frankengoire, D-MNWA

If it worked for Christine it’s good enough for Al right?

According to this NewsMax article, there are some counties friendly to Franken that are IDing voters of rejected absentee ballots, and the Franken people are tracking then down and getting affidavits from the ones who say they voted for Franken.

Meanwhile the powerline guys link to a couple of articles, including an Ann Coulter one where she says they are trying to have it both ways with the 133 “missing” ballots. In that case they want to let the election night results stand because Franken is worse off when the double-counting is eliminated.

Feel free to question the sources, but it sure is looking like the fix is on. Franken has unlimited resources to do whatever it takes, and since he has cooperation from many officials in MN he could steal this thing yet.