The Obama/Biden fiscal plan

Everything in bold below is taken directly from the Obama/Biden fiscal issues page. He lists three main points and then goes into more detail about what promises he won’t keep.

  1. Barack Obama will restore fiscal discipline to Washington
    He’s yet to mention any programs he will cut or eliminate.
  2. Reverse Bush tax cuts for the wealthy
    He has already said this will get pushed out.
  3. Close special interest corporate loopholes
    His “jolts” and “stimulus packages” add up to hundreds of billions of dollars going to special interests.

Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline

The Problem

  • Increasing Debt
    All the bailouts are borrowed money, right?
  • Irresponsible Tax Cuts
    This one’s already dropped.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Plan

Restore Fiscal Discipline to Washington

  • Reinstate PAYGO Rules
    BWAHAHA! Stop! You’re killing me!
  • Reverse Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
    He punted and is pushing it out to 2011.
  • Cut Pork Barrel Spending
    Can you imagine how much worse this will get with his plans to have the government do hundreds of billions of “infrastructure” work? We’ll get the Big Dig on a national scale.
  • Make Government Spending More Accountable and Efficient
    We see how well this is working out with bailouts so far, where it’s a blank check for some bureaucrat and Congress is doing no oversight, just making speeches to TV cameras.
  • End Wasteful Government Spending
    It all depends on what the meaning of “wasteful” is. To him it probably means cutting defense, but he probably won’t even do that – he’ll just move the soldiers to Africa under blue helmets.

Make the Tax System More Fair and Efficient

  • End Tax Haven Abuse
    Haven’t seen any mention of this lately.
  • Close Special Interest Corporate Loopholes
    He will be adding even more loopholes in deals he’s working up.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Record

    He never mentions PAYGO any more, just more spending.
  • No-Bid Contracts
    Maybe he hasn’t broken this one yet, but he’ll get to it.
  • Against Raising the Federal Debt Limit
    Obviously this one’s out the window, as he’s going to jack debt way up.