The Real Culprit: Nihilism (not Sarah Palin's facebook page)

In the minutes following Jared Lee Loughner’s ghastly shooting spree, the left immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was all the fault of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin’s facebook page. Never mind the fact that they knew nothing about the shooter or his motives, that the congresswoman was a moderate Democrat who voted against Obamacare and had formerly been a Republican, or that a Republican judge had been killed. Forget the fact that hypocrite-in-chief Markos Moulitsas had himself posted a graphic targeting Giffords, or that the Democratic Party regularly posts bulls-eyes on states. No, the congresswoman (assumed dead, of course – how could there be any other outcome?) had a D after her name, and therefore it was Sarah Palin’s fault. Because Sarah Palin. And… Sarah Palin. Thus, Sarah Palin.

And it wasn’t just pundits that rushed to lay the blame on Palin’s doorstep. The Pima County Democratic Party and Democratic sheriff had their mugs up on CNN just as quick as they could condemning the Tea Party. It’s as if the left was gleefully anticipating something like this happening in order to further their political agenda. Oh wait, they were most definitely gleefully anticipating something like this happening in order to further their political agenda.

Those on the right (a.k.a. the sane) recognized this was probably the work of a crazy person, perhaps a conspiracy theorist with leftist leanings, as is usually the case in such tragedies, and decided to wait for the facts to come in before pronouncing judgment. Lo and behold, this was indeed the case. Finally, a picture as emerged of the mental status and motivations of the shooter, and it turns out we were right again.

What we have here is a pot-smoking, binge-drinking, mentally disturbed 22 year old male, who showed all the signs of turning out to be a sociopathic mass murderer. A classmate regularly cowered in fear near the door of the classroom, anticipating the day when he finally carried out the inevitable. A Walmart clerk was afraid to sell him ammunition. His rantings made it increasingly clear that he believed our world was a sham, and its people sheep who mindlessly followed the dictates of government and religion, oblivious to the reality which existed only in their dreams. He was living in the matrix, and fighting Mr. Smith.

And the left thinks it was Sarah Palin’s facebook page. Maybe that’s why the American people doesn’t trust them with congress, just as they don’t trust Jared Lee Loughner with a loaded gun.