It's "me" vs. "you", Ralph Reed

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and settle in for a dastardly tale of late season campaign hijinks. It took me the better part of the wee hours of the night last night to ferret out the details, so listen up!

It all started a few days ago, when a curious ad popped up on the radio from the Faith and Freedom Coalition. At first the ad seems to support Ken Buck, praising his support for the values of faith and freedom. But then, oddly, a certain degree of snark enters the narrator’s voice as he trumpets that Ken is one of “us”, fighting “them”. Who is this “them”? Well, it’s the evil forces of Obama, Pelosi, and every other dark souled liberal roaming the world looking for children to devour.

Now, there’s no good old fashioned, patriotic, freedom-loving American who wouldn’t agree that the policies of the current Democratic leadership have hurt our nation, and that said leaders need to be removed from office forthwith. But to self-righteously cast this as an “us” vs. “them” battle comes across as suspiciously divisive at a time when Ken Buck is working to restore the greatness and prosperity of our nation for ALL Americans. Naturally, my curiosity was piqued.

At first, I assumed this must be the work of another Stryker-funded Democrat hit squad. After all, they’re running dishonest ads attacking-and-therefore-supporting Doug Aden in an attempt to suppress the vote for Cory Gardner, and they previously ran ads supporting the epic failure known as Dan Maes in the primary. But no, when I checked out the website (www.ffcoalition.com), the site seemed to be legit. And that’s when things started to get good…

As it turns out, the group is the creation of none other than Ralph Reed. Yes, THAT Ralph Reed who was the first executive director of the Christian Coalition, and most recently failed in a primary election due to some not-so-pretty details that came out regarding his ties with Jack Abramoff. Still beloved by some on the social right, this guy is better known for cynically manipulating the social conservative vote. You can read all about his exploits here:


Digging deeper, I sorted through the “disclosure” tab on the donation page, and found a link to a 501(c)4 registration in New Jersey. The registration came complete with an address and phone number, and popped up all over the place on SoS pages when I searched for registrations in other states. It seems Reed is trying to restart the Christian Coalition, albeit “not your daddy’s” coalition:


Curiously, while the address was unsurpringly listed in Georgia, the phone number had a 303 area code and could be traced directly to the heart of Cherry Creek. As it turns out, that number belongs to a former Beauprez campaign manager and current lobbyist, who lists himself as the Chief Operating Officer of the Faith and Freedom Coaltion from June to Decemeber of 2009 on linkedin.com. According to my public record research, he has close family ties to the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), whose Colorado chapter is Citizens for Life. Yes, this is the group that vowed they weren’t upset enough with Buck for not using abortion as a litmus test on judicial confirmations to “kick him in the shins”:


However, it appears that in the end they may have decided (via the FF coaltion) that they’d like to give him a sharp tap in the shins anyway just to ensure he doesn’t deviate from their control. After all, he even had the audacity to prosecute the murder of a Greeley transgender teen as a hate crime:


So, why am I posting all this? Well, there’s a moral to every good story. Here’s my point.

I’m as pro-life as the next guy, and I’m glad Ken shares my respect for life. I wouldn’t support him otherwise. But Ken Buck is an independent voice for Coloradans and he isn’t going to be beholden to one group or another. He’s going to do what’s best for the grassroots people of the state of Colorado, and currently that means fixing the economy, halting the overreach of government and exorbitant spending with threatens our democracy, and giving businesses the freedom and certainty they need to expand and create jobs. He’s not going to rush off and pass some strident abortion legislation instead of dealing with the economy, like the Dems did with healthcare. For the FF coalition to try to assert control over him so that if they go down, he goes down, is just disingenuous. They need to be called out for it, and that’s what I’m doing.

It’s me vs. you, Ralph Reed.