The Audacities of an Elder Statesman

I wanted to post this blog entry from www.DelegateUtah.com
About a conversation I had with a Utah Senator a few weeks ago….

I have had opportunities to speak with several Utah State Elected officials over the past several weeks, and have asked them what their thoughts were on the race for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Bob Bennett. One started off by relating to me a quote by Bob Bennett where he referred to the Constitution as “an outmoded document from an agrarian society.”
He let that sink in for a moment. I had heard of this quote from Bennett before as it was shared on RedState.com, but wasn’t sure of its origins. He then told me he wanted to share a story.

Back in 2008 (his memory put it in September, but he was not positive), Many elected State colleagues were invited to a breakfast event at a MiMi’s Café in the Salt Lake Area. The purpose of this meeting was advertised as a two-way discussion with Senator Bennett about the current issues facing our nation at the time. Many of these individuals chose to attend.

However, the attendees soon discovered that the publicized purpose of the meeting was not entirely accurate. It turned out that the purpose of the gathering was for the invitees to sit and listen to Bennett pontificate for over an hour and a half. The culmination of the event was when Bennett closed by stating that he was running for re-election and he “expected” the support of all those in attendance. Bennett staffers then entered the room and proceeded to hand out envelopes to all of the public officials in the room. Enclosed in the envelopes were checks. These checks were apparently intended to be contributions to all of their individual re-election campaigns (I submit that they were intended to buy support for Bennett).

He noted my registered shock at the how brazen this attempt was. He then concluded by stating he was deeply sickened by this whole affair and that he walked up to the good Senator and, while handing him the check back, said “thanks, but no thanks”. Many of his associates apparently followed suit. .He and his wife then left after paying for their own meal. This story was corroborated by several other elected State officials.

I feel it is important to share this story as it points out how Bob Bennett sees himself. He is an elitist who is self-important with an entitlement mentality. It is clear that he is out-of-touch with the true values of Utah. His biggest talking point that he uses to defend his re-election is that he should be re-elected simply because he has been elected. He is trying to stand solely on his leadership credentials within the Senate body. It is not enough. He is part of the machine that is causing the majority of the problems in Washington and that machine includes members from both political parties.

I hope as delegates go to the convention that they will see through all of the political maneuvering and political speak to see that it is time that this nice “Elder Statesman” starts to enjoy a long, well-deserved retirement.