Before You Vote For Obama


It’s a shame, but it’s not the better person who wins, but the better communicator.

Senator Obama is measured and polished in his communication style. He communicates ideas by methodically laying out concepts that are easier to understand- even if the underlying realities are stretched or not true. This is his “Believability Factor”. He is a panther laying in wait for his prey, content with letting his target tire themselves out.

Conversely, Senator McCain, who possesses the track record and unquestionable moral compass, communicates ideas aggressively and in his zeal to do this isn’t always as comprehensive in helping people understand the true intent of is message. McCain gets frustrated in trying to get Obama to adapt to his personal communication style, vs. taking the unemotional high road Obama takes and using it against him.

The reality is we have had two Presidents with imperfect moral compasses. Nixon and Clinton. How effective was President Clinton in the White House while he was fighting off impeachment, disbarment, and the potential loss of his marriage? The same issues plagued Nixon and his administration on even a wider scale.

What the GOP, and in particular McCain, have largely failed to do is cite the importance of this moral compass to the risk an Obama presidency poses.

How many homeowners in foreclosure opted to become drug dealers so as not to lose their home? A safe bet is probably none. Why- because in light of the worst set of circumstances their perspectives and morals would not permit them to.

Obama has chosen to break bread, shake hands, have personal relationships, or make policy decisions with a very questionable allotment of people:

• William Ayers- How many people would be willing to have any involvement at all with a known confessed criminal and terrorist. Police Officer applicant’s neighbors are interviewed to assess a candidate’s eligibility to become a Police Officer. Questionable interview results and/or associations can preclude their hiring. How can the standard be lower for the Presidency? Either Way Anti-American or indicative of Obama lacking a good moral compass.

Obama keeps citing that other senior executives were also on the board with Ayers and himself. But, those others are not running for President of the United States. This is a rationalization on Obama’s part to cover poor judgment, and real questions on who Obama is willing to associate himself with. He should have recused himself from the board. This involvement with Ayers was as an adult, not when he was eight years old, as Obama tries to counter, regarding the timeline for the crimes committed by Ayers. Either Way Anti-American or indicative of Obama lacking a good moral compass.

• Reverend Wright- How can anyone believe that a 20 year association with a self-professed Anti-American hate monger like Wright isn’t a deal breaker with Obama? No one would tolerate this unless they agreed, or were willing to sacrifice their own Moral Compass to get ahead. Either Way Anti-American or indicative of Obama lacking a good moral compass.

• Accorn- An organization now showing Massive voter fraud with potential for RICO statute indictments. A pervasive history of intimidating bankers to make poor underwriting judgments in approving Mortgages. Again, Obama is at the helm of training and involvement with this Organization. Either Way Anti-American or indicative of Obama lacking a good moral compass.

• Everyone who is married knows their spouse has differing viewpoints and that married couples are not clones of each other. However, all successful marriages have a general viewpoint and outlook on life that is synergistic. Obama appears to have a successful marriage.

How can the American public then believe that Mrs. Obama’s comment that “This is the first time she can be proud of America” is not significant. Again, this shows a pattern. They both must share this viewpoint, which confirms the logical progression of Obama’s associations with Ayers, Wright, and Accorn. Either Way Anti-American or indicative of Obama lacking a good moral compass.

Obama is prepped and ready to raise taxes. He is anti-second amendment rights. He clearly has a track record that points to a failed moral compass. So his real views and motivations cannot be allowed to fulfill themselves as the President of the United States. The risks are too great to the country.

McCain is the candidate who is without question morally based. He has proven himself in the worst of circumstances. It would be a shame and might put the country in great peril if Obama’s winning communication style vs. the reality of his viewpoints wins him the White House.

Senator McCain and the GOP need to immediately start helping Americans better understand the risks of an Obama presidency.

A vote for McCain is Pro-American and assurance of a good moral compass in these very tough times.

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