Colorado's Fifth Congressional District

Doug Lamborn (R) represents and won handily (like, 60-40) in 2006 (I am having trouble finding 2008 election numbers though I have found an article in the Denver Post that said that Lamborn had a tougher time in the primary than in the election) though not as handily as Hefley before him did (Hefley won with 70-30 numbers).As for the district itself: I have heard it said that Colorado Springs has more Christian Organizations headquartered here than any other city in the world. Indeed, I am the Vice-President and Tech Support for one of them (nope, not kidding). The Navigators are here. HCJB Radio is here (in my youth, I had a missionary explain to me that I could remember the companies name by saying “the High Cost of Jelly Beans”). International Bible Society. New Life Church is here (you’ve heard of it). There’s also that other organization up there on the hill called “Focus on the Family”.

Additionally, within spitting distance we have: The Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, Schriever Air Force Base, and Cheyenne Mountain.

All that to say: We have a lot of Social Conservatives and a lot of Hawks ’round here. And, of course, the Hawks who are Social Conservatives (or vice-versa). Fiscal Conservativism is considered very important until, of course, it is not (and you have to understand, this spending isn’t “pork” but necessary spending on necessary projects for necessary issues and if we have to vote for bills that incidentally contain pork in order to ensure this necessary spending on necessary projects for necessary issues, then that is a necessary compromise that must be made and surely you must understand that).

This is, most likely, a very safe seat for the Republicans… if Lamborn is going to be unseated, it’ll probably be in a primary rather than in a House Election proper (Jeff Crank is probably the biggest threat as Hefley was not thrilled with Lamborn and did not endorse him, but I’d say that Hefley probably doesn’t have any influence left on his old district)… it’s difficult to see how that might happen, though. Lamborn votes exceptionally conservative for Social Issues and Hawkish Issues and if your definition of “Fiscal Conservativism” relies rather heavily on tax cuts than he has an exceptionally strong Fiscal Conservative voting record as well.

While demographic changes to the community have been going on for much of the 80’s, 90’s, and Oughts, there are almost as many Texans moving here as Californians and the balance is, more or less, maintained. The Democratic pockets we have are around Colorado College (no big surprise, I’m sure) and, to a much lesser extent, around UCCS (a large subsection of non-traditional students results in this being somewhat less liberal). The parts that are more hippieish (Manitou Springs, for example) are as likely to be swayed by sweeping Libertarian rhetoric as sweeping Liberal rhetoric.

All in all, a safe seat.

But don’t get cocky.