The 10th Amendment Dies Quietly

5 Counts of Distributing Drugs.

That is what Charles Lynch was found guilty of today. He was the owner of a Morrow Bay marijuana dispensary. He dispensed with the blessing of State Law (and in accordance with it)… and now he’s going to be getting five years (minimum).Read the shameful story here.

He was accused of, among other things, distributing to children. The Children in question? A cancer survivor who lost a leg. Should it be mentioned that The Children had a perscription? That he only dealt with the parents of The Children? As it turns out, a “medical necessity” defense is inadmissable, per the Supreme Court. So instead of the jury hearing that he dispensed marijuana to the parents of a High Schooler with a perscription who had lost a leg, they heard merely that he dispensed to children.

And now he will get five years in prison for it… as well as distributing marijuana to other people with perscriptions in accordance with State Law.