The Democrat Party says "thanks!" to the Delaware GOP [closed]

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The Delaware primary is a case of a battle won and a war lost.  Pollster.com:

Public Policy Polling (PPP) fielded a general election survey in Delaware over the weekend that they plan to release today, though they teased results yesterday that imply an even bigger Coons lead. They reported Coons “polls 26 points better” against O’Donnell than against Castle, that O’Donnell’s personal rating is 29% favorable, 50% unfavorable and that only 31% of Delware’s voters think she is “fit to hold office.”

The 50% unfavorable number is key.  It is extremely unlikely that O’Donnell will win in the general, which means that it will be even more extremely unlikely that the GOP will regain the majority in the Senate.  Thanks to Palin, Levin, Hannity et al., the party has just shot itself in the foot.  Congrats, guys.  You just let the ideologically purer become the enemy of the good.