More solid-core liberalism from Obama to come

A couple of days ago, President Obama told a group of labor union organizers that he supports, and expects to sign, the Employee Free Choice Act. If the name of this bill required FDA approval, the authors would be fined for false advertising. One of the provisions of the bill is to get rid of the secret ballot. Instead, union organizers would go around and get employees to sign cards. By knowing who signed and who didn’t sign, the door is wide open to intimidation.

Over at Frank Strategies, the blogger raises a supremely logical question:

Organized labor claims that secret-ballot elections lead to intimidation by employers, but if 90% of workers signed cards when confronted by union organizers in dark parking lots or in vacant break rooms and then only a very slim majority actually voted to unionize when those union operatives couldn’t see their votes, doesn’t that prove that union intimidation is much worse than employer intimidation?

That same question was posed to union activists and leaders, but the answers provided no clarification.

We had a small taste of what the situation could be like if activists and hardliners knew who supported or voted on controversial issues. In the Prop 8 aftermath, an artistic director lost his job and a blacklist was created by pro-Prop 8 fascists (more commentary from dKos and Rod Dreher).

I see nothing good coming from this bill, or from the labor unions that are pushing it.