The Tiger Will Feed

The decision yesterday was a swipe of the tiger’s paw at all Christians. America, as undoubtedly founded with/for Juedo Christian principles, has been holding the tail of the tiger for far too long thinking we can make friends. That tiger now has the strength and veracity to turn and destroy.

No matter how much you praise and agree with the decision yesterday, YOU (all Christians) will be the target of persecution and marginalization. Even though “protection of Religious Liberty” was discussed in the opinion, that too will be ignored by the radical judges who have furthered the fascistic cause of the militant homosexual lobby (the tiger). We saw it when honest, decent, and caring people were targeted and destroyed because they did not bend to the will of the militants. We saw the ugliness of this movement in Indiana with the outright lies and distortions. We will see it when the charges of “hate speech” are brought against those with Bibles because it does not bend to their will and neither do those that read it for what it says. We will see it as churches who hold true to Biblical teachings are destroyed spiritually or physically.

No amount of pandering, pleading, or rational arguments will appease the tiger’s thirst for blood. We saw the Confederate flag so quickly destroyed because it stood for an “old symbol of hate”. The Bible is thousands of years old, how quickly will the tiger seek to destroy it?

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