The Time to Choose

Christians, it is time to CHOOSE who you will support with your votes for the future. I urge you, not to be stubborn or insecure of your knowledge in engaging in the political process. Your voice needs to ring loud and clear that we ARE a nation founded on Christian principles of love of Man (life), freedom for all (Liberty), and the Right to choose your material destiny (Pursuit of Happiness). While these have not been perfectly expressed in the history, there is no need to feel ashamed of that history of imperfect people because our progress and joy is due to those who fought to further those Christian principles. Ours is an ordered Liberty meant to further and perpetuate a society that seeks to further the Kingdom of God as best as Man can achieve. Radicals in the political and religious spheres have warped those principles and expose themselves as severe hypocrites in their actions and opinions.

It is becoming clearer that the Democrat Party is becoming the Party that would through their small minority seek to impose tyrannical Secularism on a populous composed of an overwhelming Christian majority, a nation founded by Christians, for Christians, and (from a Federal level) meant to tolerate non-Christians in a civil and orderly manner. (The States have a different history of tolerating religions) The Democrat Party is becoming one that loathes the freedom of expression, of thought, or of possession if it does not comport with their their warped views.

Now, we as Christians are engaged in a war against a Fascistic movement known as “Gay Rights” that screams TOLERANCE in our faces regarding their lifestyle “choices” (the right word) yet will not reciprocate when those Christians choose not to perform a service or condone their behavior. They warp Rights to be in favor of their pursuits and ideologies, but recoil when others express their codified Rights such as expression or religion. Rights are from God, not Man.

Christians, who rightly express the Words of God should NOT discriminate against any Man because we are all made in the image of God, and all are imperfect. That, however, does not mean that Christians should be passive in the face of aggression because of a disagreement or when expression of Faith as guaranteed by the Rights from God, as enshrined by Man, are on your side. We as Christian are called to bear a Cross, but History has demonstrated that the Cross is expression of our faith, not cowering to worldly pressures.

I urge you to not vote blindly for Republicans, because they can be just as bad as Democrats sometimes. I urge you to evaluate and base your votes on those that would seek to secure and further your Liberty in your community, State, and Nation. I do not have any agenda to further with lies and distortions, but I have a cause of ordered Liberty for ALL to further because I love these United States and want to see it survive because Mankind depends on this Nation.

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