Can Republicans Redeem Themselves in New York?

Promoted from the diaries by Leon Wolf.  Josh is a former co-worker of mine and he is good people.  The NY-23 primary is today.  If you live in the district or the area, please consider this post.

Currently, New York, the third largest state in the union, counts only three federal officials with an R at the end their name: King, Lee, and McHugh. So if Republicans are so endangered in NY, why keep trying to win elections in New York with more of the same, tired candidates?

This fall we will have our chance to redo our loss in the NY-20 Special and try something different. The eyes of the nation will be on the Special in NY-23 where Rep. John McHugh has been tapped to serve as the President’s Secretary of the Army pending his confirmation by the US Senate.

A quick scan of NY-23 shows nearly a 47,000 Republican voter registration advantage, a very rural geography with fractured media markets and no Republican candidates with big name ID.

Our party ought to pick someone willing to run on issues and talk about our conservative principles. Our candidate would need to engage the grassroots and give people a reason to vote instead of a reason to stay home. We need someone who will proudly articulate a conservative Republican approach to a broad set of issues that affect people on a day-to-day basis. After all, special elections are won and lost based largely on partisan turn-out.

We have a chance to nominate a new, young face on the Republican Party to help it promote its ideas: 26-year old Waddington, New York native Josh Lynch. Josh has been a friend of mine for the past four years, and I couldn’t be happier that our Party has a chance to nominate him.

Josh Lynch fits the exact mold of what the Republican Party has been longing for. Lynch is not the change we hope for; he is the change we desperately need for our party to save itself from permanent extinction in New York. Moreover, this guy has the message, experience and the credibility to win.

Lynch is a common-sense conservative legislative policy aide, and he has caught a lot of people both locally and nationally by complete surprise.

The mayor of Watertown, an Independent, wrote of Lynch on his blog last week that, “A young guy from Waddington [Josh Lynch] got high marks as a possible future star!” Another local blog wrote, “The GOP candidates gathered last night in Gouverneur… The surprise presentations were made by Paul Maroun and Josh Lynch. They both had a good handle on principles and issues and were crowd pleasers… Lynch, from Waddington, is a contender… He has a future, so look out for him to be around and he has excellent ideas… This may be the first time you have come across this name and face, but it is a safe bet it is not the last time.” Another wrote, “Lynch is not just some precocious hometown boy” and that “[his] background would give him a unique donor base from which to raise money.”

Josh’s message is positive and you can tell he knows how to drive a good message with the local media. His talking points are littered in the local press with quotes on how to bring rural economic prosperity, job creation, and a strong national defense.

The Ogdensburg Journal quotes him saying, “Lynch says high taxes and over regulation are forcing young people to move out of New York State looking for jobs.  ‘It’s splitting families apart… Young people have had to move away to find good jobs… [and] the federal government is way too big… I think what people want is something fresh and new.’”  The Watertown Daily Times says that, “Lynch is a proponent of shrinking government and reversing course on what he sees as meddlesome bureaucratic regulations that drive jobs away. He’d like to lower taxes to spur business growth and keep locally educated talent here.”

Not a bad message for the Republican Party in New York at all considering the financial mess they in.

At 26 and having come from a humble background, Josh Lynch still has more experience working with the federal government than any other candidate in the race. With grassroots campaign experience on two presidential campaigns — both of which I worked closely with him on, and he is a workhorse — and a compelling message, it seems to me that Lynch should get a solid look from the county chairs in NY-23, the NYGOP and the NRCC for the nod.

Lynch could turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to the GOP and his district in a long, long time. Here is to hoping.