What Anthony Weiner can learn from Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Carl Levin...

Anthony Weiner has stated that his online accounts were hacked and an inappropriate photo was sent to someone that was following him.   When questioned about why he hasn’t filed a report with the FBI, or Capital Hill police, Weiner said that this is just a distraction and he will not take part in it.   He then goes on to say that if it was a pie thrower, or heckeler in the back, he would not spend 3 days arguing with them.   Unfortunatly, none of what he is saying is correct.

This past April, Rep West was heckeled during a townhall meeting (much like the example Rep Weiner gave for not filing a report with the FBI) and the heckler was removed by Police and arrested.   Rep West did not argue with the heckler for 3 days as rep Weiner insists he would have to do.

Last year, during an appearance at Michigan State University, Senator Levin was hit in the face with a pie from a woman in the audience (again very similar to the example Rep Weiner gave to Dana Bash yesterday).   This woman was subsiquently arrested and charged with simple assault.   Again, Senator Levin was not forced to debate with this person for 3 days, as the police took care of the culprit.

In 2008, Sarah Palin’s e-mail account was hacked.   Gov. Palin filed a report with the authorities, and the culprit was arrested and sentenced last year.

All three of these examples involve the police being involved to deal with an issue to prevent a distraction.   A heckler can be removed, a pie thrower will be arrested and charged, and a hacker will also be arrested and charged. 

The only difference between these three incidents and the situation Rep Weiner finds himself in is that the three incidents listed above were done by the person they happened to.   Rep West didn’t heckel himself, Sen. Levin didn’t hit himself in the face with a pie, and Gov Palin didn’t hack her own account.