What media bias?

So Lou Dobbs, possibly the only person that has said anything critical of the Obama Administrations’s policies on one of the MSM cable staions has been harrassed with threatening calls and had a shot fired at his house.   I would imagine that this would be big news within the media, as it is an attack on one of their own.   I would imagine that CNN would be all over this story.   However….  After checking the webites of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, there is only a mention of the incident on Fox’s main page.   If you looked at CNN.com, you wouldn’t even know it happened.   And the same goes for MSNBC.com. 

I understand MSNBC.  What do they care?   Lou Dobbs doesn’t go to work there every day.   But CNN?   How is this not one of the lead stories on CNN.com?   How does this not make the front page over “Mark Whalberg expecting another child”?  

I guess having a shot fired at the only reporter you have that isn’t completely in the tank for Obama would hurt your message.  

I guess we can HOPE that Lou doesn’t get hit, because CNN has shown that they aren’t going to CHANGE how they push their agenda.