Stop Obama! Support Dede????

Dear Mr. Michael Steele,

I regularly recieve your e-mails regarding stopping the radical agenda of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.   I’ve read them,  i’ve agreed with them.   I heard the republican leadership also state how this radical left agenda of the democrats needs to be stopped.   How the stimulus bill did nothing to create jobs.   How the spending of democrats in congress was leaving a burden on our children and grandchildren.   How it must be stopped, and you need my money to help you do so.   I’ve heard you say how the people at the tea parties were representative of america, and were speaking out about smaller government.   I’ve heard it all.    All the while, i though… YA MIKE!!!  YOU TELL THEM!!!  STOP THIS MADNESS!!!  

And then what do you do???   You’ve got two people in NY-23.  Dede and Doug.   On one hand, you’ve got the man that supports everything you say in the e-mails you send me.   A man who wants smaller goverment.  A man who wants to cut spending.   A man who want’s fiscal responsibility.   And on the other hand, you’ve got a woman, that goes against nearly everything you say.   She supported every single government expansion to come down the road.   And who do you give YOUR supoort and OUR money too???   Dede?   Are you sure?   Do you even believe the e-mails you send me?  

As a man at one townhall meeting said earlier this year….  “Don’t pee down my leg and tell me it’s raining”.