Rush is a perfect fit for the NFL

I just really don’t get it.   I mean, i do understand that the NFL has a reputation to protect, and must look like they are the premiere sports league in the world.  Both talent wise, and morally.
We all know that Rush Limbaugh is not a racist.   We know that he is called one by those that wish nothing but his demise, simply because he disagrees with their point of view.   Want proof?  Talk to “Mr. Snerdley”.   Ask him if his boss is a racist.
Now if you want a true american story, you need look no further than Rush Limbaugh.  A man who has a cocular implant because he is legally deaf, and has managed to create, produce, and market the most profitable and listened to radio show this country has ever seen.   Now ask yourself if there is something he could bring to the NFL as an owner?   Owners are not there to scream about what they don’t like about the league (Al Davis), they are they to produce a bottom line that will help the league expand and increase market share and fix any problems they may feel need to be fixed.   And if you don’t think a deaf man that established the most profitable and listened to radio show in history, can help to expand the league, i’ll take it that you also agree that President Obama was more than deserving of the Nobel Peace prize that he received.