Letter to RNC from Pat Wright...

I felt this was something worth posting as it’s how a lot of us feel.   Was forwarded to me from one of the Tea Party groups i belong too, and it’s worth a read.



I’m appalled that there has not been a movement from the Republican
to impeach this man who is living in our White House. Don’t even try to tell me that we can’t do that. We must impeach him. Are you aware that Van Jones, the green job czar, whose organization, the Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus bill and is receiving tax dollars to dismantle our country? Van Jones is a self-avowed communist! Those are his words. This man is an advisor to the President? How can that happen?
How can any elected official stand by and let this happen? Who is
representing us?  
What about Cass Sunstein? This man is a fascist nut. Yes, I did say
fascist. I’m sick of not being able to speak truths because we’re
fearful of not being politically correct. Guess what? We are out of the p.c. closet. Sunstein is a proponent of the ‘nudge’ philosophy – Nudge:
Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Our decisions, our health, our wealth and our happiness. No thank you. This man thinks animals should have the right to take people to court??? This is not a fairy tale.  
Now we hear that our Internet may be taken from us through legislation — SB 773. Will this be carried out through martial law? I have not heard one Republican official say that they are not going to allow this to happen!
Are all the conspiracy theorists correct when they say that the
Republicans are just as instrumental in destroying our country as the liberal fascist arm of the Democratic Party are?  
The President is destroying the United States of America. If a Russian Professor can see it, and write articles about it, why can’t you? What do we need to do to start the impeachment process?
I could list numerous other things that he has done that I believe are in direct opposition to our Constitution, but I don’t have the time or the space. You could contact Glen Beck, he will fill you in.  
I am going to put this letter on Face book, Twitter, blogs; I’m going to email it to every address I can get my hands on. I will send it as a press release to every media outlet I can think of and who knows, maybe one or two will print it. I’m going to send it to talk shows and I’m also going to email it to you. I certainly hope I receive an answer and if I do, I will also send that out to all the above mentioned sites.



Thank you for your time, and I pray that God will Bless America.
Pat Wright  
Sealy, Texas 77474
Thanks Pat.   You nailed it.